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I just learned about this organization and am excited to add it to the site.  Angela House is a residential program for women who have just been released from prison.

These women are working hard to turn their lives around. However, they typically don’t have a place to live and have few resources to help them move toward stable, productive lives.

Angela House offers them a safe place to live with support services, referrals, job readiness training, twelve step recovery groups, and tools for healthy living. “Residents receive emotional and spiritual support as well as professional counseling, as they are encouraged to set realistic and attainable goals for their future.”

Volunteers age 14-15 (with an adult) or 16 and up (independently) can help in many ways, including
helping with holiday celebrations, gardening, performing for residents, helping organize donations, collecting needed items, helping with office work, or other projects.  You can come for one day or many.  The site listing is here.

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