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What Is It?: A charity that plants, protects, and promotes trees throughout the greater Houston area. Since 1983 it has planted more than 500,000 trees along streets, esplanades, and trails; in parks; and around schools.


Help NeededHelp plant trees on Saturday planting days that take place several times each year, usually in November and December.


Minimum Age to Volunteer: None, but volunteers under 18 must have a parent’s waiver, and parents should accompany young children.

Help Needed



Help dig holes and fill them with trees!  Saturday planting days take place throughout the Greater Houston area, usually in November and December.  Call or check the Trees for Houston website for scheduling and locations, or to sign up to be notified about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

If you would like to plan a tree planting in your community, please contact [email protected]

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Trees for Houston Video (3 minutes 13 seconds):

Available For Scout Eagle or Gold Award Project?

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  • This is good for families. Everyone can help with digging, planting, watering. Nice people, and it’s good to see a bare area become covered with young trees.

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