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What Is It?: A “Christ-centered community dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless men and women and their children. Positive life changes are encouraged through structured programs which focus on spiritual growth, education, employment, life management and recovery from substance abuse.”


Help Needed: Volunteers may help serve meals, provide evening snacks to women and children, collect school supplies and other needed items, write notes of encouragement,  and help with other projects.


Minimum Age to Volunteer: Kitchen volunteers must be high school age (with chaperone); all ages may serve snacks or write encouraging notes.

Help Needed



“We serve three meals a day, 365 days each year, at three facilities, and always need volunteers!  What an opportunity to encourage and uplift as you hand meal trays to our clients.”  Kitchen volunteers help set up, serve, and clean up after each meal. No more than 6 volunteers may serve in each kitchen per meal. High School students must have at least one chaperone per kitchen. More information is here



For volunteers of all ages.  “It can be a long time between dinner and breakfast when you can’t raid the fridge for a snack. Thanks to the snacks you provide and serve, our clients end the day with a delicious blessing.” Volunteers arrive at 7:45 PM to set up. Clients are invited to come by for a snack beginning at 8:00. Snack time is over at 8:30 and volunteers are asked to sweep up. Please prepare for approximately 125 guests. Monday – Sunday evenings.

Volunteers are asked to adhere to the following menu:
Monday: popcorn, pretzels, or goldfish
Tuesday: peanut butter & jelly finger sandwiches
Wednesday: cookies
Thursday: fruit or veggie trays
Friday: cookies
Saturday: pudding cups, Jell-O cups, or fruit cups
Sunday: Rice Krispie treats or granola bars

More information is here. (information temporarily removed due to COVID-19.)



“Behind-the-scenes and far from glamorous, but vital in getting donated supplies into the hands of those in need. Donated items must be sorted, boxed, labeled, and palletized for distribution.”  Projects for small groups of volunteers may be scheduled during the week and on some Saturdays.

More information is here. (information temporarily removed due to COVID-19.)



One-time projects have included constructing new storage units, collecting bed pillows and towels, collecting children’s books, making fleece blankets, renovating a gazebo and painting a fence and picnic tables, constructing new benches and seating areas, and many other contributions.



Critical Needs include deodorant for men and women, diapers (sizes 5 & 6), bath towels, razors.

Urgent Needs include diapers, disposable pull-ups (sizes 4 & 5), baby powder, baby wipes, toiletries, shaving cream, razors, travel-size soap & shampoo, bottled water.

Ongoing Needs include new underwear for men, women, and children; socks (for children); women’s clothing size 22 & up (appropriate for job interviews); pillows; blankets; towels; toilet paper; strollers (no umbrella strollers please); flashlights and batteries.

Some donations cannot be accepted. Please visit the website for more details and for a list of urgent needs.



Before school begins, the Star of Hope distributes school supplies: #2 pencils, 2” and 3” binders, 24-count crayon boxes, backpacks (heavy-duty), bottled glue, boxes of facial tissue, clear or mesh backpacks (for 6th grade and above), combination locks, construction paper (preferably 9” x 11”), dividers (5 – 8 tab), folders with pockets and prongs, glue sticks, graph paper, hand sanitizer, highlighters, index Cards (3” x 5”), large pink erasers, manila paper (preferably 9” x 11”), map pencils, markers, notebook paper, primary composition books, pencil pouches, pencil sharpeners, pens (black, blue, and red ink), plastic rulers, plastic school boxes, protractors, scissors, writing tablets (1st – 3rd grades).

School supplies must be dropped off before the second week in August; visit the website for more details.



We all love cards and special greetings, but our clients don’t usually receive mail that is positive and uplifting.  Your notes will be placed in client mailboxes or on bunk beds to bless, uplift, and raise the self-esteem of who are homeless.  You can use any type of card you prefer.  Plain cardstock cut into fourths works great.  You can simply pen a note or decorate the cards with markers, colored pencils, and/or stickers.  In other words, you can unleash your creativity and compassion.  Notes can be all occasion or seasonal, but should not contain any personal information, such as names or phone numbers.

This project is done at your convenience and at your location. We ask that you track and send us the hours you spend on this project.  Since we have new people coming to our shelters every day needing help, the need for Notes of Encouragement is ongoing!

More information is here


Star of Hope distributes more than 1,000 hygiene kits per month through our Love-in-Action Van Ministry. These kits meet the most basic needs of those living out on the streets. There is no minimum or maximum number of hygiene kits we will accept – we are grateful for each kit and the volunteer who made it!

Please place the following items inside of a 1-gallon ziplock bag: 1 Pair of White Socks, Face Towel, Razor, Wet Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Travel Size Shampoo/Conditioner, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Crackers, Granola Bar &/or Raisins, 1 Pudding Cup, Lunch-to-Go Tuna Kit or 1 Can of Vienna Sausage, 1 Fruit Cup, & a Note of Encouragement with a Bible Verse.  More information is here


Many of the children at Star of Hope arrive at the shelter anxious & afraid. Your blankets provide comfort & security as our children snuggle up in the soft, warm fabric giving hope that tomorrow will indeed be a better day! Blankets can be machine-stitched, fleece no-sew, knitted or crocheted. Both child-size blankets & full-size, adult blankets are needed & greatly appreciated. More information is here

Time Commitment:
Suitable for Groups of Volunteers?
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Star of Hope Mission Video (2016) (3 minutes 30 seconds)

Star of Hope Kitchen Volunteer Video (3 minutes):

Available For Scout Eagle or Gold Award Project?
Examples of past Scout projects

The Donation & Distribution Center is at 2320 Lamar.

The Women and Family Development Center at Star of Hope’s Cornerstone Community is at 2575 Reed Road.


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Comments about “STAR OF HOPE

  • I’ve really loved working at the Star of Hope! When I volunteer here, it’s through the Birthday Party Project, which celebrates the kids’ birthdays at monthly parties. It’s a great way for them to have fun. These kids are great, and I’m sure all of the opportunities here are wonderful.

  • My 14 year old son and I recently volunteered at Star of Hope homeless shelter. You don’t need to be 18 to serve “evening snacks” to the clients. Someone over 18 must be with them. It it easy. You supply the snack and show up at 7:45, snack time starts at 8:00 and is over at 8:30. My son ended up staying 45 more minutes playing basketball with some other kids there. It was a great experience for him. He also collects toiletries for the shelter.

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