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What Is It?: A nonprofit organization that helps men, women, and children move from the streets into jobs and safe, stable housing. SEARCH meets clients where they are and gets them back on their feet through services that engage, stabilize, educate, employ, and house.”


Help Needed: Make snack packs, assemble hurricane kits, make welcome-home mugs or keychains for clients, decorate grocery bags and write notes, or collect needed itemsPlease contact SEARCH for COVID-related updates. 


Minimum Age to Volunteer: No minimum age to make or collect items.  Minimum age to serve onsite is 12. Volunteers age 12-17 must serve with an adult chaperone unless cleared with Volunteer Coordinator Molly Martin in advance. Volunteers must be at least 18 to volunteer onsite without an adult chaperone.  

Help Needed




Our Mobile Outreach team members distribute snack packs as they meet individuals who are experiencing homelessness. Our case managers also distribute them. Easy-open protein items provide a great food source for our clients. Volunteers consult the list below and choose three or more of the items to package in Ziploc bags.  Clients often find it most helpful when snack packs contain a mix of no-chew (e.g. applesauce, pudding) and chewy items to accommodate all levels of dental health.  Volunteers are welcome to add encouraging notes/cards to the bags to lend a personal touch.  We ask that the notes not include last names, dates, contact information, or seasonal or religious references.”

  • Bumble Bee Snacks on the Run (tuna, chicken salad, ham, etc.)
  • Vienna sausage
  • GoGo Squeeze fruit pouches
  • Pudding packs
  • Planters mixed snack pouches/trail mix
  • Fruit cups or applesauce cups
  • Peanut butter or cheese cracker packs
  • Dried fruit crisps packets
  • Raisin snack boxes
  • Granola bars (crunchier varieties like Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey, please)
  • Jif to Go/Nutella to Go
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Non-chocolate protein bars (chocolate melts!)

We can comfortably accept up to 300 snack packs at one time.  Thank you!”





“During hurricane season (June-November), people living on the streets face an elevated risk of displacement and unsafe conditions.  We’d really appreciate your help assembling “hurricane kits” to enhance their disaster preparedness.  For this project, we recommend that volunteers place the following items in a plastic container or large Ziploc:

  • Bottled water
  • Flashlights plus compatible batteries (no candles, please!)
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Hand-cranked radios
  • Backup lighting batteries
  • Ziploc plastic bags for important documents
  • Toilet paper
  • First aid kit
  • Bug spray

For your reference, storage constraints allow us to accept up to 300 hurricane kits at one time.  No minimum number required!”




“Newly housed clients need a place for the keys to their new apartments!  We welcome volunteer help creating simple keychains that SEARCH can include in the “Welcome Home” gifts clients receive.  Ideas for key chains include this wooden bead keychain and this cork keychain.”




“Volunteers can visit a pottery studio (such as Mad Potter) and paint mugs to donate to newly housed SEARCH clients.  We say mugs because most of our clients love coffee!  Volunteers can include a package of instant coffee with each mug as part of their contribution. Volunteers can also work on this project at home or work using craft store mugs and paint, as long as the mugs get a coating of Krylon Crystal Clear or Modge Podge sealer.  Encouraging messages like ‘Welcome Home’ make a great decoration.”




“SEARCH is always looking for grocery bags for clients shopping in our food pantry!  Clients can visit with their case managers and select 15-20 items as they prepare to move into their new homes.  We invite volunteers to decorate simple paper grocery sacks donated by a local store or their personal networks and to include encouraging notes in those bags. As with all encouraging notes for SEARCH clients, we ask that notes not include seasonal/religious information like references to holidays, volunteer contact information or last name, and date.”






SEARCH welcomes donations to help its clients!  Adult clients’ needs include:

  • Clothes hangers
  • Nutritional beverages such as Equate, Ensure, and Boost
  • Radios (especially clock radios)
  • Novels and other books for the Welcome Center library
  • Bike locks (ones with codes are preferred, because keys can get lost)

Please feel free to reach out to Volunteer Coordinator Molly Martin or visit SEARCH’s in-kind needs page for other suggestions. Please coordinate deliveries with the Volunteer Coordinator before dropping off donations.

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