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What Is It?: A nonprofit that provides advocacy, counseling, shelter, and resources to individuals affected by domestic and sexual violence, and works to end domestic and sexual violence through community awareness and education.


Help Needed: Collect needed supplies, including personal items for clients and their children, clothing that women can wear home from the hospital, books for the shelter library, and activity bags for children who testify in court.


Minimum Age to Volunteer: None (to collect / donate items).

Help Needed



The following personal items for women are always welcome.  (The Center cannot accept used/opened items.)

Cotton balls, cotton swabs, tissues; perfumes and lotions; blow dryers, curlers, and curling irons; combs, brushes, accessories; hair products (ethnically diverse); pillows, travel alarm clocks, umbrellas; shampoo & conditioner; bars of soap; deodorant; razors and shaving gel; toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, and mouthwash; sanitary napkins and tampons.



The following children’s items are always welcome.  (The Center cannot accept opened/used items.)

Diapers, especially sizes 3-6; pull-up diapers for boys and girls; diaper bags and changing pads; baby items (wipes, wash, diaper ointment, powder); bottles, pacifiers, feeding spoons, and bowls; sunscreen and bug spray; baby blankets and crib sets; car seats, booster seats, single and double strollers.






The Center’s food pantry serves the emergency needs of non-residential clients, as well as sexual assault survivors and domestic violence survivors whom HWAC advocates visit in the hospital.  The Center also provides snacks to children working with Children’s Court Services, or who are in Child Care when their parents are attending a counseling group.  Please consider donating:

Similac Advance infant formula; Gerber baby food; canned fruits in light syrup; canned soups; canned vegetables (peas, corn, green beans, mixed veggies); canned tuna or chicken, packed in water; microwave food (macaroni, noodle cups); cereals, cereal bars, and oatmeal; pastas, spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, and sauces; drinks (100% juice cans or boxes, or bottled water).




HAWC offers a Hospital Accompaniment Program for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. The services include a change of clothing, as the majority of the time the survivors’ clothing is kept as evidence. The hospitals can only provide hospital robes; the clothing that HWAC provides brings much-needed comfort.

Please consider donating:
New t-shirts (all sizes, no company logos); new jogging pants (all sizes); new yoga pants (all sizes).





Most of the women and children who arrive at the shelter bring only a few belongings that they were able to stuff in a bag. The HWAC provides them with new clothes and personal items that they may need.  Please consider donating:

New t-shirts, shorts, pants; pajamas; socks, casual shoes; new undergarments (bras and underwear, especially in larger sizes); business attire; school uniforms; accessories and jewelry; tote bags for clothing and other personal items.



HAWC provides a library for clients that stay at the shelter. Please consider donating books for the library:

Books in all languages (leisure reading)
Career counseling and advice books





Please consider donating the following items to occupy children who are waiting to testify in court:

Travel or handheld games for teens; journals, notepads, diaries; gel pens; crayons, colored pencils; AA and AAA batteries; silly putty; Disney coloring and activity books; word find or other game books suitable for kids/teens.

Time Commitment:
Suitable for Groups of Volunteers?
Training Needed:

Houston Area Women’s Center Overview (2012) (2 minutes 57 seconds)


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  • Dear HAWC I am inquiring for more information on opportunities volunteer with your organization.

    Thank You
    Romonica Holmes-Jackson

    • Dear Ms. Holmes-Jackson,

      Thank you for your comment. I would suggest emailing Dana Deats, HAWC Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected] or calling Ms. Deats at (713) 528-6798, (ext. 2298) to find more opportunities to volunteer. I hope this is helpful!

    • Hi Elexie, To volunteer inside the Houston Area Women’s Center you must be at least 18, so we don’t include information about those volunteer jobs on our site. But the Center also needs donations of supplies, and students under 18 can help collect and donate these. The supplies include personal items for clients and their children, clothing that women can wear home from the hospital, books for the shelter library, and activity bags for children who testify in court. More information is in the ServeforGood listing, or you can contact the Center. Thank you!

  • I am a Cancer survivor, and since God has given me favor, I want give back some way to show my appreciation for his goodness. I would welcome the opportunity serve those in need in someway. Please allow me to do that.

    • Dear Ms. Aker – The Houston Area Women’s Center accepts donations of new items for its clients. If you want to help in a more hands-on way, please browse the other listings on the site. If you’re an adult, there are many other volunteer options in Houston, but the organizations on this site welcome volunteers under 18. Good luck!

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