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What Is It?: Formerly called the Harris County Animal Shelter, this busy shelter receives an average of 40-60 lost, neglected, and abandoned animals each day. It also offers a low-cost clinic and other services.


Help Needed: The shelter always needs compassionate volunteers to help care for its animals. “Whether you enjoy working with cats, dogs, or people in our community, we have opportunities available that are sure to fit your interests and schedule.”


Minimum Age to Volunteer: 16.  Volunteers under age 18 must have a parent’s or guardian’s form on file but can volunteer independently.

Help Needed



Dogs need exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy, and dogs who have had exercise are calmer and more likely to be adopted.  Volunteers are needed to walk and play with the shelter dogs.  Offering some basic training, such as teaching them to “sit,” can make them more adoptable.  Even one hour of volunteering makes a difference to the animals.




Animals are more likely to be adopted if the shelter can share clear photos with potential adopters.  Volunteer assistants help the photographers get good photos showing the animals at their best.  Volunteers may also record videos of pets in need of a home. “All that you’ll need is a smart phone with great video quality & a passion for animals.”



Animals are more adoptable, healthier, and more comfortable when they are clean and well groomed.  Volunteers are always needed to help bathe and brush the shelter’s animals.



Volunteers help staff mobile adoption events at locations around the city, or they can choose to volunteer at the shelter to talk with potential adopters about choosing a pet and the adoption process.



The shelter’s Amazon wish list includes animal food, towels, plastic bags, heating pads, and cleaning supplies.  Supplies purchased from the wish list are sent directly to the shelter.  Student volunteers may also collect these items and deliver them to the shelter.

The shelter also urgently needs donations of newspaper.

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  • Question: My granddaughter is 14. She loves cats and dogs and would like to volunteer. She does not have the appropriate age to volunteer, but, I was wondering if she will be allowed to do so if I, or another adult family member volunteer. She can tag along.

    • Hello Ms. Garcia – All volunteers at the Harris County Animal Shelter must be 16, but your granddaughter could help out at BARC, Citizens for Animal Protection, Corridor Rescue, Houston Pets Alive, or Pup Squad. You or another family member may need to come with her, but she could work with dogs and/or cats at these charities. You can look at the listings on ServeforGood or the charity websites for more information. Thank you both for helping animals in Houston!

    • Thank you Erika! Houston has some great non-profits that help animals and I hope you can volunteer at one (or more!) of them.

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