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What Is It?: A nonprofit that collects used bicycles; refurbishes them to safe, reliable condition; and distributes them to refugees and other recent arrivals in Houston who need a way to get to work or school.


Help Needed: Help repair, maintain, and/or clean donated bikes (instruction provided); help distribute bikes and equipment to refugees.


Minimum Age to Volunteer: Volunteer mechanics must be high school juniors and seniors, ages 16-18. Volunteers age 12 and up may help clean bikes and perform routine maintenance.

Help Needed


Freewheels receives donations of bicycles in varying conditions that must be brought to safe and reliable operating condition. We have knowledgeable people who enjoy sharing their skills with people who want to learn how to repair and maintain bikes. Work days are fun and rewarding, and provide an opportunity to learn or sharpen skills that will be useful for years to come. Freewheels provides work stands, tools and an inventory of tubes, tires, and bike parts.


Help spruce up bikes to make them ready for their new owners.  This is especially suitable for younger people and volunteers who are less mechanically inclined but still want to learn some basics and help refugees.


When Freewheels delivers a bike, it also provides helmets for all riders, and locks, lights, and other safety equipment for most bike recipients. They also offer a brief safety overview and help fit the bike to the recipient. Distributions occur at the warehouse, at resettlement agency offices, and at apartment complexes where refugees live.


Time Commitment:
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FreeWheels Houston Video (4 minutes 18 seconds) (2016)

Is the Bike in Your Garage Appropriate for Freewheels Houston? (34 seconds) (2017)


The Freewheels warehouse is located in the Gulfton area of southwest Houston, a densely populated neighborhood that is home for many refugees and other immigrants.


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