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What Is It?  A nonprofit organization that is working to clean, beautify, and revitalize the 6-acre Olivewood Cemetery, Houston’s first incorporated African American cemetery, which had suffered decades of neglect.


Help Needed: Tasks include mowing grass, clearing weeds and brush, and planting flowers.


Minimum Age to Volunteer: None.  All ages are welcome, but children must be accompanied by an adult.

Help Needed


“It only takes about a week in the summer for the cemetery to be overrun with vegetation. Beyond routine mowing and weeding, we try to beautify and restore the old landscaping that has changed with time.” Tasks include mowing grass, removing vines and weeds, clearing small saplings and brush, and planting flowers.

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“The cemetery’s address is on Court Street, but due to the construction of Studemont Junction the entrance is now on Summer Street. From Studemont, turn west onto Summer Street. (Summer is the street that runs between Kroger and Arne’s, a cross-street to Studemont.) The gate to Olivewood will be about a block from the intersection on your right. If you wish to ensure entrance to the cemetery, please call or email to make an appointment. Please do not attempt to visit the cemetery after hours.”

Comments / Reviews


  • This is near Arne’s party store. The cemetery is a peaceful place with birds and trees and some flowers. It’s bright and not creepy. It was interesting for our group to see all the old gravestones – some from long-ago wars – and there was something that everyone could do, even the young kids. Some kids cleared brush and took away branches and leaves, and others raked, or put pieces of wood in the dumpster. The teens used weedeaters and someone had a mower. The representative of the Descendants who helped us with the project was very nice and told stories about the people who were buried there. The kids liked seeing that their cleanup efforts made a difference.

  • I volunteered here with my church and it was very rewarding to see how much better the cemetery looked after we had finished.

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