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What Is It?:  A nonprofit that delivers fresh produce and nutrition education to underserved communities where access to grocery stores stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables is very limited.


Help Needed: Help unload and bag the fresh fruits and vegetables we send home to our Brighter Biters each week, and other tasks. Contact organization for changes due to COVID-19.

Minimum Age to Volunteer: 16, with a valid ID.  Younger children may assist if a parent or guardian is volunteering as well.

Help Needed



You may do any or all of the following at a distribution:

Transport cases and bags of produce from the delivery truck to the bagging area.

Place a variety of fruits and vegetables into the Brighter Bites bags.

Keep the bagging area clean by disposing of trash and recycling.

Record recipients of produce on roster, hand out recipes, distribute bags, and help families to their cars.

Set up and pass out food samples, like smoothies, dips, and snacks.

Time Commitment:
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Available For Scout Eagle or Gold Award Project?

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