Volunteer at the Polls!

If you are a high school student aged 16 or older, you can volunteer at the polls on election day. To do this project you need to miss a day of school, but it’s interesting, educational, and helpful to your country.

This program is designed “1) to introduce students to the electoral process and inspire them with an interest in their government, and 2) to provide election authorities with an additional resource of persons who can serve at the polls.” The dark side of this is that you will be asked to work a long day, possibly from 7 AM to 7 PM. But you will be paid around $8.20 an hour and will see democracy at work. Since some payment is involved, this is not technically volunteering, but the shift is 12 hours, so it’s essentially performing a public service.

You must be a U.S. citizen and a qualified voter in the county in which you serve, and must take an hour-long course before election day.  Want more details, or want to sign up?  Visit the Harris County Clerk’s Office website.

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