Charity Spotlight: LDS Peanut Butter Cannery

You’ve probably never heard of a charity entirely focused on peanut butter before, but the LDS (Latter-Day Saints) Peanut Butter Cannery is just that! The factory produces more than 400,000 jars of fresh peanut butter each year, which it donates to the Houston Food Bank to feed hungry Houstonians. In return, the Food Bank provides the Cannery with raw peanuts and plenty of volunteers.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints leads this project, supervising volunteers who sort the nuts, place lids on jars, operate the labeling machines, and pack jars in boxes. In each 4 hour shift, volunteers at the Cannery produce 10,000 jars of fresh peanut butter! Volunteers must be 16 or older. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the Peanut Butter Cannery profile page here¬†or take a look at the charity’s official website here.

Enjoy some photos of volunteers at work in the Peanut Butter Cannery!




Still curious about the LDS Peanut Cannery? You can watch their official video here:


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