The Birthday Joy Program: Supporting Homeless Children

One of our newest charities is the Birthday Joy Program, which brings birthday parties to children in homeless shelters, group homes, & other disadvantaged situations in Harris and Galveston counties.

You can help host birthday parties in Houston, LaPorte, and Liverpool, collect gifts or other party supplies, assemble goody bags, or make decorations.

Many of the children have never had a birthday party or even a birthday cake. Each child with a birthday in that month receives a gift and a personalized pillow, and the other children in the shelter are included as party guests. Between 120-150 children attend these birthday parties each month.

Volunteers must be 14 to help independently, but younger children may volunteer with a parent. Parents must sign a waiver for volunteers under 18.  For more ways to help or other information, check out the Birthday Joy Program’s profile.

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