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What Is It?: A city agency that cares for and helps find homes for thousands of animals each year, and provides many other services.


Help Needed: Needs include animal care, help with adoption and other events, foster pantry organization, facility beautification, and administrative help.


Minimum Age to Volunteer: None, but those under age 16 must serve with a parent or guardian. Volunteers age 16 and 17 may serve independently, but a parent or guardian must attend the orientation with the teen.  Volunteers must be at least 18 to handle adult dogs at BARC.

Help Needed



Volunteer responsibilities include animal care, adoptions at BARC or off site, special events at BARC, fostering, foster pantry organization, facility beautification/construction, and administrative help.



BARC is always in need of the items such as dog and cat food, dog and cat toys and treats, leashes and collars, flea shampoo, towels, and detergent.  A complete list and information about dropping off donations are available on the BARC website.  All donated supplies must be unexpired and unopened.

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BARC Foundation Video (7 minutes) (2015)

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Comments about “BARC

  • Barc is a great place to volunteer, caring for the animals and helping families find their new fur baby is a lot of fun.

  • BARC is an incredibly empathetic shelter that takes in between 25,000 and 30,000 animals per year. It is the only Houston shelter that is required to accept every dog or cat that comes through its doors regardless of shelter capacity or the behavior, breed or medical condition of the animal.This organization consistently works hard in finding happy homes for animals through their rescue, transfer, foster, and adoption programs. They even have low cost spay/neuter programs that provide long-term solutions to reducing the immense stray animal population in Houston. Having worked closely with this shelter, I truly recommend that everybody should volunteer here to help our furry friends 🙂

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