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ServeforGood.org includes more than 140 nonprofits in the Houston area that have interesting projects that students can do. It can be hard for teens to find volunteer opportunities: most middle and high school students are interested in community service, but many organizations require volunteers to be 18, or they only offer projects during the school day, when students aren’t available. The goal of ServeforGood.org is to help you and other teens find organizations that you are passionate about!

Want to share your experience at one of the charities?

We would love to hear about your volunteering experiences. Please leave a review using the “add a review” option on each charity’s page, so that potential volunteers can be better informed. 

If you don’t want the review to be public, you can email serveforgoodhouston@gmail.com. We also welcome any photos of your volunteer experience that you want to share. 

Have a suggestion for another charity? 

If you know of a charity that is looking for teen volunteers, please let us know by emailing us at serveforgoodhouston@gmail.com or using the Contact Us form.

Articles about Serve for Good

Information about Serve for Good has appeared in the Houston Chronicle’s Examiner section, Houston Magazine, Houston Family magazine, the Buzz Magazines, and Local Houston Magazine.

Did you notice a mistake?

Please let us know about any incorrect information, broken links, outdated contact names, or any other issues, by emailing us at serveforgoodhouston@gmail.com or using the Contact Us form.

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Finding Your Perfect Volunteer Opportunity

It can be hard to find volunteer opportunities for middle school and high school students.
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